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Employment Contract with Non-Disclosure Clauses

Employment Contract with Non-Disclosure Clauses Dokument zum Download
Template of an employment contract with non-disclosure clauses to download.
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Contract Deutschland

This template contains the following paragraphs and more:

- Employment, Duties and Acceptance
- Commencement Date and Term
- Compensation of Employee
- Expense Reimbursement
- Employee Benefits
- Duty to Devote Full Time
- Employee's Inability to Contract for Employer
- Termination
- Compliance with Employer's Rules
- Confidential Information
- Obligations of Confidentiality
- Ownership
- Allowed Disclosure of Confidential Information

This contract is to be used when hiring a full-time employee who is to receive a salary. It is an open-ended (at-will) contract, meaning that the position has no set end date.
This contract has strong non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-competition provisions to protect the employer. It is for use in all states.

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