Study in Germany

Guide for students who want to study abroad in Germany - ready for pdf-download.
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Ratgeber Deutschland

The big plus with this book: The author is a foreigner herself and has studied in Germany, so she knows what is really important and gives her readers first hand information and experiences.
The guide contains the following aspects:

1. Why should I stay in Germany?
2. Applying at a German Institution of Higher Education
3. Living in Germany
4. Final Checklist
5. To do list and telephone note

Germany is not only known for good beer, it also attracts a growing number of students from all over the world. So, if you decided to study abroad in the Federal Republic you need to prepare for your studies and organize your private matters. But how and where do you get the best information about German universities, qualification requirements, and academic degrees? Our new guide "Study in Germany" written in English by Gabriela Stefanut, perfectly prepares you for your student life in Germany.

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