Smugglers Tournament

SMUGGLERS TOURNAMENT ist ein addon for Smugglers, ein populäres strategy-trading game bei dem mehr als 1.5 Millionen Leute dabei sind.

Plattform: Windows
Preis: Free Trial

SMUGGLERS TOURNAMENT is an addon for Smugglers, a popular space strategy-trading game that has reached more than 1,5 million people.

SMUGGLERS TOURNAMENT enables you to participate (offline) in the 1st International Smugglers Tournament and in the other upcoming tournaments. Additionally certain modifications have been done that will need a slightly different approach. The demoversion is restricted to 60 instead of the 300 turns.

Smuggling is a tough business. You have to be careful not to run up too huge depts to the loan sharks, evade the planets military and make still a profit - fast! SMUGGLERS takes you to a fascinating tour into a growing science fiction world. Which role you choose is up to you. You can be a true smuggler, a common trader, a bounty-hunter, a pirate or even join the military.

- Demo: 60 turn mode
- Demo: program does NOT lock after 5 games anymore.
- Demo: You cannot encounter aliens before turn 30. This won't be implemented in the tournament full version and is to protect inexperienced players.
- Three new alien planets
- Two new alien ships (alien bomber and alien corvette)
- New way to earn money: Alien Hunter
- A 300 turn mode (only) (in the full version)
- Planets have certain prices that will only change by about 10%-25% (instead of completetly random prices). This means there will be a pattern for the best success - which you should find to win.
- Prices will be (a bit) closer together (not Medicine 2$ and Plutonium 300$).
- Military will control much tougher (be careful with illegal goods).
- Ship prices and special item prices changed
- Combat ships have much less cargo space now.
- Military rewards have been increased much.


Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME
Windows - Legale Downloads seit 1998

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